Building Wealth & Investment


Building Wealth takes a lot of hard work and revolves around the abilty to take income generated from a successful career or business and invest this wisely.  Over time, wealth is built using a range of complimentary financial strategies, savings and prudent investing.

We provide investment advice to clients to compliment strategies involving building wealth, retirement planning, tax planning and estate planning.  Our role is to find ways to increase your net worth over time and thus help you accomplish your financial objectives.

We do this by carefully understanding your goals, your investment experience and your attitude to risk and return.  We identify investment opportunities relevant to your financial situation and recommend financial strategies to help improve your situation.  Read more about our investment approach by clicking here.

Using a structured investment approach we develop well diversified investment portfolios where your money is allocated across different types of investments such as cash, fixed interest, property, Australian equities and International equities.

This approach helps minimise the volatility in your portfolio and thus reduces the risk that your portfolio will not meet your long-term investment goals.  With a diversified approach the impact of a drop in value of any asset class or individual investment on the overall portfolio performance is minimised providing smoother investment returns.

Good investment planning can turn goals from dreams into realities.  Apart from picking quality investments, it shows you how to allocate money among the different type of investments and the best investment structures for your situation to manage risk and to minimise tax.  This can have a greater effect on long-term investment success than randomly picking and trading investments based on the flavour of the month.

Integrated Wealth Planning's investments are chosen from a well-researched range of managed funds, ETFs and Australian equities in the ASX300.  We regularly review the overall portfolio performance and that of individual investments in the portfolio to ensure that they are meeting the desired performance, volatility, and diversification criteria.

Your advisor is an investment professional who helps individuals set and achieve their long-term financial goals, through investments, tax planning, asset allocation, risk management, retirement planning, and estate planning.  The role of the financial planner is to find ways to increase your net worth and help you accomplish all of your financial objectives.

Integrated Wealth Planning has an extensive range of investment and wealth creation solutions to meet your needs.  Click here  to find out more or to have a financial planner contact you.



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