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Choosing the Good Life can help you prepare for a happy and uncomplicated retirement. 
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Get your free copy of “Choosing the Good Life” which explains how to plan a happy and productive retirement. There are four key dimensions you need to understand and embrace and money is only one of these! This comprehensive book will get you started in the right direction. Understand the four essential factors that contribute to a happy and active retirement – health, finance, relationships and activities.

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The book is in two parts and covers the physiological and financial change that must be addressed for a successful retirement. The first part is written by Michael Longhurst, a well prominent psychologist and leading researcher, writer, and speaker on the subject of adjustment to retirement. The second part is written by retirement specialists at AXA Australia and covers some of the key financial considerations and options for a successful retirement.

Preparing for retirement is a critical point in your life as it represents a time of transitioning from the workforce to pursuing the things that matter the most to you. With the appropriate planning it can be an exciting time full of new activities and challenges that are not possible during full time employment.

With improved health many retirees can expect to live well into their middle eighties and hence will spend nearly the same amount of time in retirement as working. It is thus essential that you have a plan to manage the lifestyle changes and to provide the necessary capital to support your desired retirement lifestyle.

Once you’ve read this book we recommend you speak with a financial adviser to ensure your retirement plan reflects the life you envisaged.


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