Life events happen when we least expect them - what do you do?

We don't always know the best way forward when the big things happen in life. Things like receiving an inheritance, having your first child, changing jobs, retirement or planning to care for a frail relative are particularly demanding in time and energy. Athough unsettling it can also be the chance to regroup, and make a new plan for the future.

A time for change

When a major event needs a response, it’s not always easy to know where to start and how to work through the issues, large and small: issues like managing cash flow, budgeting, sorting out insurance cover, or a myriad of other things. It is reassuring to know that financial advisers have seen it all before, and are happy to help you find your way.

When there is a lot happening in your life and emotions may be running high, it is the long-term view that is hardest to hold on to. This is where having an experienced, objective professional can be a real asset in looking out for your financial future .

No matter what big event might be happening — changing jobs or managing redundancy, tackling what has to be done after divorce, or even starting a new family — by getting in touch with us you can get straight down to dealing with the important questions.

Don’t go it alone - an objective adviser can help clarify your options

It’s good to know that there is help available. We have experience managing these issues and can build a clear picture of the choices available and their financial implications. If you know someone grappling with the complexities of a major life event, we can help.

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The benefits of financial planning

Advisers can work with you to sort out the immediate financial questions from an inheritance or from a relationship break down, just as they can to manage your superannuation, insurance or investments over time. The fundamentals remain constant and preparing a financial plan is an important first step. Whether you choose an holistic plan or targeted advice, it will provide you with a valuable guide for the way ahead. You can see the next steps and be confident that you can achieve  your plan whilst managing whatever life throws at you.

There are many examples of how you can benefit from advice. If a parent or an elderly relative is suddenly faced with moving from home to some level of supported accommodation, you can talk with an adviser about everything from savings and investment income to aged care costs and powers of attorney. Through your adviser, you can also work closely with legal and accounting professionals to make sure any changes are done correctly.

There are many situations where we can help you understand your options and improve your financial situation.

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Video testimonials for different life events

We've included a series of videos under the tabs below which cover the key challenges people face during major life events and the role financial planning played in helping these people.

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